Introducing the Mastercam Quick Part Series

The Mastercam Quick Part Series includes guided curriculum that takes students through the CAD/CAM/CNC process from project start to a finished part. These tutorials provide instructors a convenient means of teaching students about manufacturing terminology, techniques, and processes while providing valuable experience using the world’s leading CAM software.

These project-based learning tutorials are the fastest way to teach and learn Mastercam. Instructors will appreciate the flexibility to teach everything from introductory lessons all the way to advanced CAM applications using the software they are most likely to encounter as professionals.

Appealing Student Projects
Each Mastercam Quick Part tutorial features an exciting project that employs real-world examples of design and manufacturing concepts. At the end of each tutorial, students are challenged to use the knowledge they have gained and create their own unique design to be manufactured using Mastercam.

The first of the series to be released will be a Chocolate Mold, and the second will be an Acoustic Amplifier that can be used with a cell phone. These will be available as free curriculum for instructors to enrich the technical education of their students.

Learn the Latest Technology
Each Mastercam Quick Part tutorial focuses on different learning objectives to encourage students to take a proactive approach to learning and growing their skill set. Throughout the process, students will learn the latest Mastercam technology, using a wide array of design and programming tools.

Simplified User Experience
The Mastercam Quick Part Series includes an add-on for Mastercam 2020, the Quick Part Interface, which simplifies the application. By minimizing the number of functions shown, students can focus on learning the most important features first. Once students become familiar with Mastercam, they can easily switch to the full Mastercam experience.

Teaching Mastercam with the Quick Part Series
The Quick Part Series and streamlined Quick Part Interface are free to instructors teaching at schools with the Mastercam Educational Suite. Whether you want to briefly expose students to computer-aided design and manufacturing, enhance STEM education programs, or prepare students for careers in manufacturing, you can do it all with the Mastercam Quick Part Series.

Each tutorial includes instructor and student guides and an introductory video. Each tutorial provides step-by-step instructions and the accompanying Mastercam part files. The Tell Us What You Learned! questions at the end of each chapter reinforce and assess student knowledge. Students will learn about machine setup, design, work holding, programming, posting, so much more!

Instructor Tools include:

  • Learning Objectives – At the beginning of every Mastercam Quick Part tutorial, clear learning objectives allow instructors the flexibility to align different aspects of the tutorial to their existing classroom curriculum. And because Mastercam part files are included, instructors can choose to use the entire tutorial or only the chapters that reinforce their current classroom goals.
  • Instructor Notes – Throughout the instructor guide, educators will find notes provided by Mastercam experts to guide discussions throughout their students’ learning. These notes assist instructors in expanding on key points throughout the design and manufacturing process.
  • Student Challenge – Each Mastercam Quick Part tutorial includes an optional challenge that can be used to evaluate students. In addition to the challenge summary, helpful design and manufacturing tips are provided to support students on their self-guided journey. We also provide a scoring rubric to ensure that the students have objective goals and instructors have standard guidelines for grading.
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Where to Find the Curriculum
As new tutorials become available in the Mastercam Quick Part Series, you will find details and links to the projects on our Mastercam Education Resources page.

If you don’t already teach with Mastercam in your classroom, please contact your local Reseller to explore your needs.

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