Increasing Efficiency in Your Wire Programming

Mastercam Wire provides a great way for your shop to increase its efficiency – subprograms. This article will explain subprograms, and more information can be found in Mastercam’s Help system.

Mastercam Wire provides the capability to include subprograms in an operation. A subprogram is an NC program that is called from the main NC program. It is used to repeat code (XY moves) in an operation, and creates a shorter NC program.

Both Contour and 4-Axis wirepaths can use subprograms. In 4-Axis wirepaths, subprograms are used to repeat passes that are the same. For Contour wirepaths, subprograms are used to repeat passes that are the same, and also to create copies of the same part. All contours use the same subprogram. You can use subprograms on a multi-contour operation where the contours are not identical, and Mastercam Wire gives each contour its own subprogram numbers.

The All contours use same subprogram option in the Subprograms page replicates the wirepath information from the first contour to create each consecutive contour in the file. Choosing the All contours use same subprogram check box causes Mastercam Wire to use the same subprogram on all chained contours in the operation.

The following restrictions apply:

  • You cannot use All contours use same subprogram on non-identical contours.
  • When using subprograms on identical contours, the contours must be oriented the same way and have the same relative distance from the thread position to the start of contour.
  • You must individually chain each contour and start/thread/cut position that you want to include in the subprogram.

The NCI file contains all of the parameter information for each contour. However, the amount of information that is contained in the NC file is minimized by creating and using a subprogram to machine the same contour.

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