Improved Support for STL Files and Entities

New database support has been added to Mastercam X3 that allows an STL model to be loaded into Mastercam, shaded, transformed, and used for machining. On the File Open dialog, when an STL file type is selected, an Options button allows you to import the model as lines or as the new STL Mesh format.

Save Parameters to Defaults – Makes the current toolpath settings the default for future toolpaths of this type. The current values are saved to the .DEFAULTS file specified in the machine group properties.

Reload parameters from defaults – Overwrites the current values with the values from your .DEFAULTS file. These are read from the .DEFAULTS file specified in the machine group properties.

Import Operations – Imports one or more operations from a library and automatically applies them to the current geometry selection.

Feed and Speed Calculator – Calculates feeds and speeds including surface speed or feed per tooth.

Once imported as an STL Mesh, the information is saved inside the MCX file just like all other entities (surfaces, solids, wireframe, text, dimensions). Any time an option in a toolpath offers the use of a CAD file, the STL Mesh option is also available.

STL File Handling
The Verify Settings page of the System Configuration dialog box has some new controls for handling problems with STL stock models. You can use the model as is or “waterfall” it to fix the problem areas. These options also set the default state of the prompt that displays when Mastercam finds an issue in the STL model. You can set it to always show the prompt dialog box or skip the prompt and just apply the default behavior.

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