ICAM NC Post-Processors for Mastercam

ICAM Technologies Corporation has introduced integrated post-processing and machining simulation/verification products, Gold Series & Platinum Series, specifically created for the Mastercam market.
What are Gold Series Products?
ICAM Gold Series post-processors are designed for industry standard machines and controllers, and include sample “art-to-part” processes demonstrating their use. All Gold Series post-processors are delivered with editing capabilities and licensed to run with Mastercam.
Gold Series post-processors can be delivered with Integrated Part Verification (tooling, fixtures, stock part) to validate the cutting process, or Integrated Machine Simulation & Part Verification (CNC Machine model, tooling, fixtures, stock and part) to validate the complete machining process.

What are Platinum Series Products?
Platinum Series post-processors are custom built according to clients’ unique requirements and are available for all major machines and controllers. Platinum products include forward-looking optimization features including path planning and rotary axes pre-positioning to optimize machining, while avoiding dwell marks and over-travel.
Platinum Series post-processors can also be delivered with Integrated Part Verification to validate the cutting process, or Integrated Machine Simulation & Part Verification to validate the complete machining process.
What Makes ICAM Products Unique?
  • ICAM’s post-processing solutions are available for standard 3-Axis, as well as complex 5-Axis Mill and Mill/Turn machines.
  • Integrated Post-Processing, Machine Simulations and Control Emulation (for G-Code Verification) is available in a single software platform.
  • Machining simulation is done in real-time during post-processing. Therefore, corrections and modifications to NC programs can be done immediately.
  • ICAM offers a Mastercam Manufacturing Extractor to facilitate machine model creation. The part, fixture, and tooling information can be extracted directly from Mastercam.
  • ICAM products are backed by expert R&D and support teams.
About ICAM Technologies Corporation
For over 38 years, ICAM Technologies Corporation has been specializing in the development and implementation of advanced NC post-processing solutions for manufacturers in major industries worldwide. To further strengthen its position in the marketplace, ICAM has introduced Virtual Machine®, an integrated machine tool simulator with the provision for G-Code verification driven with Control EmulatorTM. ICAM customers benefit from dramatic improvements to CNC machine tool performance, NC programmer productivity, and manufacturing process efficiency. For more information visit: www.icam.com/mastercam.

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