How To Make Faster and More Intuitive Selections

Left/Right Mouse Click:
You will notice if you use the drop-down list to set a specific selection type, it will work using the same rules as the AutoCursor.

If you choose a selection type with the left mouse button, that type will be used for a single selection, and then reverts back to the standard selection mode. If you right-click an option, it stays locked in that mode until you reset it by selecting the standard selection button.

Double-Click To End A Selection:
Double-click lets you keep your hand on the mouse more and reduce the number of times you have to press [Enter]. Start a function like Xform Translate without doing pre-selection, window the entities you want, and double-click when you define the second window. Your selection is completed and the Xform dialog is displayed. Or use a function like Join Entities where you can select multiple entities and press [Enter] to end the function. Instead you can just double-click on the last entity and the join is completed. If you forget to double-click on the last entity you selected, you can just double-click in an empty area of the screen and the system treats it like an end selection.

All and Only Availability:
We have made the All and Only masking options available in more functions. You will notice this especially in functions that prompt for single entities like the creation of curves on a surface edge. Now you can use masking to restrict the surface types.

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