How to carve a pumpkin with Mastercam

One of our Mastercam partners thought it would be fun to carve a pumpkin using High Speed Toolpaths and Mastercam Art. Here are the results:

He started with this.

Created an Art base surface and saved it as an STL file.

Created flat tool paths using 3D high speed raster & pencil trace.

Verified the toolpaths.

Mounted the pumpkin in the ‘pumpkinator’ and digitized 16 points on the surface using the VMC.

Created a surface from the points and offset it inwards by about 1/2″, and projected the toolpaths onto the surface.

Posted the code. (and added a new material to the library…)

Carved the pumpkin.

Here’s the final result!

Oooooo, scary!

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