Help Determine the Future of Mastercam

The Mastercam Customer Feedback Program is a voluntary program that gathers data on how our customers use Mastercam in their daily workflow. If you choose to enable this functionality, it runs during every Mastercam session, automatically collecting and sending usage information to CNC Software, Inc. Not only does it collect information on the functions being used, it also records the order in which tasks occur and how functions are accessed. For example, did you get to a specific function from a menu, the right-mouse button, a toolbar button, or a hot key? This information will help us make better development decisions and identify where bottlenecks occur in the Mastercam workflow.
The data collected by the Mastercam Customer Feedback Program includes no user model data nor information that could be used to re-create models. This program collects no data to enable reverse engineering. The program collects only data that pertains to Mastercam’s operation and never data that is sensitive, personal, or otherwise private.
When you first start Mastercam, the Mastercam Customer Feedback Program participation dialog box appears. Choose Yes to participate, or choose No to decline. If you choose Yes, Mastercam creates a compressed, non-readable file that contains all of the keystrokes and clicks you perform during the Mastercam session. Mastercam then sends the file via the Internet to our server, where it is processed by our development staff.
When the Customer Feedback Program is activated, an icon appears in the Windows system tray. At any time, you can select Customer Feedback Program from Mastercam’s Help menu to change your participation choice.
Again, we collect only data about Mastercam’s operation, specifically, keystroke data, what functions are used, and how they are accessed.

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