Happy April Fools Day from Mastercam!

On this April 1st, we thought we’d give you a quick tour of some of the odder things found in the offices here at CNC Software. They may look strange at first glance, but really they’re just… okay, let’s be honest. They are pretty strange.

We thought we’d start off with something normal – a very pretty fish tank.
This looks exactly like its owner, who also has an enormous wobbly head.
Some employees hang posters. Others hang the covers of all the books they wrote.
Yes, that’s a Tootsie Roll with eyes looking in through the window. We’re pretty sure there’s a herd of them out there.
Don’t ask.

This is all the stuff the employee’s wife wouldn’t let him have at home.

The staff has to be kept in line somehow.
He needs a teeny-tiny milling machine to make teeny-tiny replacement parts for the roof of his teeny-tiny barn.
The next person coming to ask a question better be wearing a Nerf-proof vest.
These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. Move along.
So what’s in your office? Have a great weekend!

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