Grooving Enhancements and More in X4 Lathe

As with Mastercam Mill, Mastercam X4 Lathe sees a suite of new features aimed at boosting your productivity.

Multiple Groove Chain

This allows selection of more than one groove chain. Because the grooves can be different widths, the only overlap function that will be available in the new Multiple Groove chains toolpath will be the new middle overlap.

Dwell on Grooving
A corner dwell has been added to the Groove finish parameters page. The dwell will be engaged at the intersection of wall/corner geometry to a flat bottom groove.

Independent Feed Rate for First Plunge
An option to set feed rate specifically for the first plunge move has been added to the Groove rough parameters page.

Different Settings for Rough and Finish Groove
There are new feed and speed options for finish passes on the Toolpath parameters page for groove toolpaths. These settings output a separate feed rate and spindle speed for the finish groove passes.

Tool Inspection Position
Mastercam X4 now provides a way for an operator to inspect the tool based on conditions set in the new option. The options available are between grooves, after first plunge, after each depth cut, and after a specified number of plunges. Note: Post customization is required for this new feature.

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