Give Mastercam a Test Drive

Did you know that there’s a way to try Mastercam, the world’s #1 CAM software, for free? Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition (HLE) is available for home use to anyone that wants to learn how to use CAD/CAM software, brush up on their Mastercam skills, or check out the latest features and functionality of both Mastercam and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS®.

Despite the word Demo, Mastercam Demo/HLE provides you with much more than a trial version of Mastercam. You’ll have access to the full potential of the software, from designing a part to generating highspeed toolpaths to machine it. The only limitation is that the software will not send G-code to a CNC machine. Ultimately, Mastercam Demo/HLE gives you the ability to learn Mastercam — every step of the way up to actually machining a part.

If your needs are beyond learning, and you are looking for CAD/CAM software to boost your production speeds and capabilities, then a live Mastercam demo is your best option. Contact your local Mastercam Reseller to get a demonstration of what the world’s leading CAD/CAM software can do for you.

In the meantime, you can download Mastercam Demo/HLE to get familiar with the latest advances in CAD/CAM and brush up on your skills using the software.

Mastercam Demo/HLE is also available if you are looking for a student version of Mastercam, for personal use. The software is not to be used in a school or industrial setting, but anyone — teachers and students — can use it to learn CAD/CAM from the comfort of their own home and prepare for a future in manufacturing. Since more shops use Mastercam than any other CAM software, learning at your own pace with Mastercam Demo/HLE is a smart way to prepare for a manufacturing career.

Although Mastercam Demo/HLE is not approved for use in academic installations, Mastercam is available at special rates for schools, to make the world’s number one CAM software available to the next generation of manufacturers. Schools and educators interested in teaching their students Mastercam should contact their local Educational Reseller to learn more.

Give Mastercam a test drive today. Download Mastercam Demo/HLE to start your journey in CAD/CAM on the right track!