Getting in Gear with SparkX Racing

Mastercam sponsors SAE International student design competitions by providing free software and educational support to participating teams.

Team SparkX Racing is a Baja SAE competitor from India. They reached out to provide pictures and feedback from their recent season using Mastercam to prepare for competition. We are excited to share this with everyone in our global community.

In competition at BAJA SAE India 2020, SparkX Racing placed 2nd runners up overall out of 120 teams. This included impressive results in sub-events such as:

  • 3rd in Suspension and Traction
  • 4th in Endurance Race
  • Fastest Lap in Endurance Race (5 minutes and 10 seconds)
SparkX Baja team photo

Nihar Raval shared the following about the team’s experience using Mastercam:

We have been using Mastercam since 1-year. We have used it for post modeling and to manufacture high quality parts for our BAJA Buggy. Mastercam helped us to improve the manufacturing aspects of our team. It has eased our time and made the manufacturing cost effective.

We have increased our working efficiency by using best features of Mastercam with latest functions. Mastercam also helped us to understand how industry level machining is done, and this will definitely help in our future. With the help of Mastercam we were able to manufacture precise parts of our car by ourselves.

We made components like the:

  • Wheel Hub
  • Engine Mounts
  • Rear Shaft Knuckle
  • Gearbox and Gears
  • CVT Cam and more

These are the main components of our vehicle and other 10+ parts which are manufactured using the Mastercam software.

SparkX Sponsor Seat

We are very much thankful that you have given us a proper platform and sponsorship for your software and your support to us. We hope in the future you will support us the same way.

It is our pleasure to be a part of such a positive experience! Thank you for sharing with us.

As part of our commitment to the future of manufacturing, Mastercam supports many educational initiatives and competitions to encourage student interest in technical disciplines. Student competitions like SAE International give students the chance to apply their knowledge and gain practical skills in design, engineering, and manufacturing. Visit our website to learn more about free Mastercam for FSAE participants.

Thanks again and best of luck in the future to all members of Team SparkX Racing.

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