Get to Know Mastercam Reseller CAD AVSHMEIP

CAD AVSHMEIP is the number one certified Mastercam Reseller in Mexico, serving customers like Caterpillar and Panasonic. Its employee base has grown from two to 35 over the course of 25 years. Founder and Director Pedro Torres recently sat down with Mastercam to explain how the company has come to be so trusted and relied upon.

Why was CAD AVSHMEIP started?

In 1990, I was a collaborator in the CAD/CAM/CAE area of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FIMEA) at my university. This is when I started my training in everything related to CAD, CAM, and CAE, and I spent a year in this department. I continued working for five more years at two different companies, the first in mechanical design, hardware, and software distribution and the second in a truck manufacturing company, always working in the same areas of CAD, CAM, and CAE. After this, my desire to innovate led to the idea of bringing CAD, CAM, and CAE tools to the metal machining industry in Mexico. With the knowledge and experience that I had acquired over the years, it was decided to found the company CAD AVSHMEIP in September of 1996. We remain active and growing after 25 uninterrupted years.

What services do you offer?

We offer the sale of CAD/CAM software, CAE software, 3D scanning services, reverse engineering, parts inspection, 3D printing, technical support, and training.

What products do you offer?

We offer integral software solutions for the industry – Mastercam, SOLIDWORKS®, 3DExperience, Geomagic, Logopress, Moldex3D, and Draftsight. In the case of hardware, we distribute industrial 3D scanners, Shinig printers, and BCN3D filament printers.

Why do you sell Mastercam instead of other CAD / CAM software?

CNC Software, since its inception, has been a leader in CAD/CAM, and now Mastercam is the most widely used worldwide. Its constant growth, client support, and ability to meet the needs of our clients are some of the reasons why we sell Mastercam. In all these years as a Mastercam Reseller, we have gained a lot of appreciation for the Mastercam brand and especially for the team at CNC Software. We are proud to represent Mastercam in our country.

Are any of your customers using Mastercam in new or interesting ways?

Yes, we have more than a thousand licenses installed throughout the Mexican territories, many of them are using Multiaxis, Mill-Turn, and Swiss. Our clients have become more productive and efficient with these products, reducing time and saving money in manufacturing and innovating products.

Is there an advantage to being a local Mastercam provider?

Yes, definitely. Representing the leading CAD/CAM software worldwide helps us to strengthen the image of CAD AVSHMEIP as a leading and competitive company.

What are the unique challenges in your area?

Our number one challenge is to be better than the competition, which is why we keep our technical support engineers up-to-date and certified on the latest version of Mastercam. At CAD AVSHMEIP, we do our best to meet the challenge of continuing to lead the CAD/CAM market with the best customer service and premium technical support for each of our current and future clients.

What are the unique opportunities in your area?

The impressive work in the automotive, metalworking and aerospace industrial sectors provide us with great opportunities to continue positioning Mastercam as the leader in the manufacturing market of Mexico.

What makes CAD AVSHMEIP special?

The most important factors that make CAD AVSHMEIP special are the professional ethics of our team, our customer service, good technical support, and our dedication to never leaving the client abandoned with their problems. We support the client when they need it the most, and that’s why we have won the trust of our clients over the years. We like to address their needs with a comprehensive vision, which is why we consider the product life cycle in its entirety – from the design project, the machining, and even the inspection of parts – with the sole objective to give our clients only the best tools to improve their processes.

What else would you like to share?

We are passionate about technology and manufacturing, so we are always looking to share our knowledge, build a community, and to share the news of our solutions. It is important to note that we support established companies, startups, and entrepreneurs by offering advice and demonstrations so that they can make the absolute best choice when it comes to any of our solutions, be it software, hardware, service, or training. I also invite the Mexican market to learn more about us and our solutions. We have a lot of experience in the areas of CAD/CAM/CAE software, in reverse engineering, 3D scanners, and 3D printing. We have specialized engineers in each area, professionally prepared and certified.