Free Webinar Tomorrow – Mastercam X7’s New Backplot and Verify

Mastercam X7’s New Backplot and Verify
Wednesday, June 26 at 12 noon PDT

In this webinar eapprentice will be talking about the new backplot and verify functions in Mastercam. The Verify function in Mastercam X7 is dramatically different from previous versions and they will cover the basics as well as some new features available in X7. Check for gouges, see the finished shape of your parts, and even see how to include fixtures in the verify simulation screen. With the Verify function available in X7, you’ll be more productive and see more problems before they make it out to the shop floor. One of the main improvements is that you can now verify on a separate thread while you continue programming. This will be a major productivity boost for programmers working with time consuming processes such as 3D and high speed toolpaths. Some of the new features in backplot will also be discussed. After the presentation, a panel of Mastercam experts will be available to answer any additional questions you might have.

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