Exploring Underused CAM Features

Mastercam contributed an article to Moldmaking Technology magazine that explores some underused CAM features that can improve moldmaking productivity and trim operating costs.
The article focuses on the market pressures that mold shops are experiencing. The key pressures that plague mold shops on a daily basis are shortening delivery leadtimes and reducing labor and material costs, while at the same time maintaining or improving their already high quality standards.

CAM developers are also under pressure. They serve customers (who are the top priority), they serve CNC machine builders, and they serve tooling manufacturers who ask for improvements to current offerings. There is a lot going on in the world of CAM technology. Some of these developments can have the potential to favorably impact a moldmaking shop’s profitability. This article focuses on that – new CAM features that reduce CNC programming labor, and new developments that improve CNC throughput and quality.

CAM software companies can reduce their clients’ labor costs by regularly offering new versions of software with open architecture, associativity, and change recognition. A few examples of how CAM software features can improve quality and throughput are high speed machining, high speed strategies for conventional CNCs, feedrate optimization, and the ability to have absolute control of your software.

To learn more about the underused features of CAM software, go to http://www.moldmakingtechnology.com/articles/050701.html.

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