Engineering Changes Just Got Easier with Mastercam X2

Every shop faces engineering changes. Often, it can be difficult to track which file is the latest, what modifications have been made, and what programming changes are needed. Mastercam X2 includes two powerful new tools – File Tracking and Change Recognition – that will give you an easy way to identify these issues and can help streamline programming an updated file.

File Tracking

File tracking helps you manage your files by identifying files that have changed.

  • Create a checklist of files to evaluate, using whole or partial file names in whatever folders you choose.
  • Set Mastercam to scan this list every time you open the software, or run a check on the list whenever you would like.
  • Get an automatic report when there are new versions of anything on your checklist.
  • Have Mastercam run Change Recognition on any updated file you open.

Change Recognition
Change Recognition identifies specific changes in files.

  • Detect modifications to any type of CAD geometry with no file type limitations – any combination of wireframe, solids, or surfaces.
  • Identify whether geometry is new or modified.
  • Mark affected operations associated with the file if their source geometry has been changed in any way.
  • Once you update the affected geometry, automatically update any additional toolpaths that use that geometry.

The real power of these tools becomes clear when you receive engineering changes to a large file with multiple operations. Something as simple as a few additional drill holes can be frustrating to identify. Now, with a few mouse clicks, you can immediately locate and program these changes, saving valuable time.

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