Emory Custom Tooling Rocks

Mark Emory has built a lean manufacturing operation with automated equipment and a highly skilled four-person staff that is capable of sustaining itself in the economic ups and downs. At the time of this writing there were about 10 jobs going through the shop, which Emory characterized as being a very comfortable pace. However, with Mastercam® CAD/CAM software, an experienced staff of four with CNC equipment can ramp up quickly to handle a lot more in a crunch.

Mark’s son Drew is taking advantage of the shop’s flexible capacity by starting a complementary business. Drew has been with Emory Custom Tooling for eight years. During working hours he spends much of his time programming the wire EDM with Mastercam and operating it. At night, he sometimes plays in a rock band. Drew and his partner Myke Wilkerson have designed an impressive line of electric guitars with bodies carved from solid aluminum.

Numerous body styles have been designed in SOLIDWORKS® and programmed for CNC manufacturing in Mastercam. Dynamic Motion technology is used to rough a 40 lb. aluminum billet down to a unique and well-balanced body shape weighing approximately 7.5 lbs. This only takes about 20 minutes per side. After many painstaking manufacturing steps, the finished product is a guitar with good looks, playability and a sweet, smooth sound, comparable to wood tone guitars that sell for $6,000 to $8,000. The MSRP of 660 Guitar Models is about $3,400.

660 Guitars was formally introduced at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Show in Anaheim in January of 2016. Numerous musicians have been impressed by the sound, aesthetics and quality of these instruments. The Emory Custom Tooling shop in Gilmer, Texas, is ready, willing and able to handle a spike in demand for sculpted bodies and other components for these impressive handcrafted instruments.

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