eMastercam Forum—40,000 users can’t be wrong!!

Here’s a site that every Mastercam user should definitely have bookmarked:

This is the official Mastercam online forum. Mastercam users from around the world gather here to share Mastercam advice; get help from other Mastercam users; or just socialize in a virtual atmosphere. The forum is your best source for applications advice for specific machines or parts—there is an excellent chance that another forum member uses the same machine or has already encountered the same machining problem. Currently, there are over 40,000 registered users, and literally hundreds of thousands of posts. For any type of Mastercam technical problem or question, the forum should be one of your first stops.

The forum is owned and operated by In-House Solutions, our Canadian reseller. However, a number of experienced CNC Software employees serve as moderators, and a number of employees and managers from “corporate” regularly participate in discussions. The site also includes links to purchase books, tutorials, and other Mastercam educational products from In-House. Check it out today!

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