Eliminating Ring Burrs in Mastercam Lathe

Mastercam X5 Lathe introduces several new enhancements, including a new toolpath strategy called Plunge Turn. This toolpath creates cutting strategies specific to a tool that can both plunge like a grooving tool, and turn like a finish tool, roughing and finishing all in one toolpath. ?
There are many benefits to this:

  • Fewer tools (usually one) can be used to rough and finish the part.
  • Because fewer tools are used, fewer tool setups and tool changes are needed.
  • Because the toolpath can remove material in X (plunging) and Z (turning), more of the insert is being used which results in longer insert life.
  • The combination of these factors results in much improved material removal rates and cycle times.?

One of the features of this new toolpath is its ability to eliminate ring burrs while turning. So, one might ask, “What is a ring burr?”

?A ring burr can occur during a roughing or finish turning operation when the tool pushes material off of a shoulder and into open space, resulting in a ring of material that cannot be cleared from the part. ??This can cause many issues from simple inconvenience to larger problems with automated part handling. In any case, an operator needs to manually remove the ring burr with wire cutters.?

The new Plunge Turn toolpath in Mastercam X5 has a feature to prevent ring burrs from forming.

With this feature enabled, the finish toolpath will stop short of the shoulder and change to a plunging motion to avoid pushing a ring burr off of the shoulder. All the user needs to do is enable this feature with a simple drop-down selection (above). Mastercam does the rest, by automatically adjusting all toolpath motion to avoid causing a situation where a ring burr can form. Here is what the adjusted finish toolpath will look like:

??This motion will automatically occur anywhere a potential ring burr could occur. Because these tools can side-cut and plunge-cut, you are offered a greater range of programming flexibility and efficiency that is unmatched by traditional tools and cutting methods.

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