Education and Innovation at IMTS

As the most widely used CAM software in education worldwide, Mastercam is excited to announce our participation at the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2018. Submissions to this year’s Wildest Parts competitions will be shown off in the Mastercam educational booth. Winning parts will be on display to demonstrate how the educational sector plays a big role in Shaping the Future of Manufacturing™.

Mastercam will also be hosting two Learning Labs for students and educators. The first will take place every 30 minutes from 11 am – 1:30 pm daily, in the Mastercam CreateASkate Lab (booth 215210):

Introduction to Manufacturing with CreateASkate and Mastercam
At the Mastercam booth in the IMTS Student Summit, Professor Paul Schmitt will teach material science through the relevance of a skateboard with his curriculum. Students’ perception will be enhanced as they get to break raw materials and learn to discover opportunities in manufacturing through the process of creating a skateboard with their very own hands.

The second will be held twice daily, in the Mastercam Learning Lab (booth 215212) adjacent to the Mastercam educational booth, at 11 am and 12 pm.

Give Students a Competitive Edge Through Certification
An introduction to Mastercam Certification, and how it benefits students to make them more employable when they enter the workforce. The steps toward Mastercam Certification will be outlined, along with how to become a Certified Instructor able to administer Mastercam Certification tests.

To reserve your space at a Mastercam Learning Lab, click here to register.