Eapprentice Mastercam Training

www.eapprentice.net is a modern, online training center teaching CNC programming using Mastercam.

Derek Goodwin, founder of eapprentice.net and a college instructor with industry experience, and Jay Kramer, Mastercam Certified Trainer and college instructor, have teamed up to create the most relevant, professional Mastercam training courses available.

Using ‘Project Based Learning’ methods to foster a deeper understanding of content and applying lessons to real world situations helps students learn faster and retain more.

  • Their focus is student support—they want learning success stories.
  • Courses are developed by Mastercam Certified College Instructors with industry experience.
  • Weekly Question and Answer sessions allow students to interact in real time with instructors.

Click ‘here‘ to see last week’s Q&A session.

  • eapprentice trains people—that’s what they do.

Courses Available

Other Learning Options
Video Library – Search their extensive video library to learn what you want, when you want. This service is available on a subscription basis.?
DVDs and Workbooks– These tools accelerate the learning curve for courseware by reinforcing valuable lessons or can be used as a stand-alone course while working offline.

For more information on eapprentice, please visit www.eapprentice.net.

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