Dynamic Process Improvements Save 2000 Hours Annually

Recently multi-axis programming consultant Ron Branch of 5th Axis Consulting Inc. (Marietta, CA), was asked to integrate advanced machining strategies for an important aerospace part being manufactured on an Okuma Multus U4000 9-axis Mill/Turn machine. In this case, the company was removing large amounts of material with the lathe even though it was theoretically possible to do it in much higher volumes with the milling spindle. This was not being done, however, because the material was very soft and some engineers believed that the heat generated during the milling operation would deform the part.

Branch created mill toolpaths using Dynamic Motion technology that, in combination with the appropriate tool and a high-feed cutter, ensured that the heat was moved away from both the part and the cutting tool and into the chips. Using these dynamic cutting strategies, many other milling operations were introduced to this process.

Bottom Line: A part that required five operations is now being manufactured with one, and the company reports that more than 2000 hours are being saved annually for this one part as a result of these process makeovers.

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