Dynamic Motion – What Users are Saying, Part 2

Douglas Fluid and Integration Technology, LLC (Prosperity, NC): Established in 2005, Douglas Fluid and Integration Technology, LLC relies on process and materials expertise developed in the semiconductor sector to deliver bench-ready devices that help energy market researchers bring their concepts to the testing stage faster. The company has helped its customers redesign fuel delivery hardware used in nuclear reactors, design fittings that prevent hydrogen leakage in fuel cells, developed working models of vessels to process alternative fuels, and produced equipment to test these devices like these during scaled-up production.

Chief Technologist, Richard Douglas, said, ” Mastercam gives me exceptional control over the toolpaths I need to manufacture the components used in my designs and I don’t have to be a CNC coder to use them. Dynamic milling lets me aggressively rough out parts without having to worry about breaking tools. Mastercam’s simulation feature allows me to visualize what is going to happen on the machine so I can be sure my manufacturing process will be safe and effective. We wouldn’t be able to do many of the things we do without Mastercam.”

Tymar Toolworks (Crothersville, Indiana): Although the Hurco machine at Tymar Toolworks, is in almost continuous operation, neither the owner, Mark Emly nor his assistant spend much time operating it. This is because Mastercam’s toolpaths with Dynamic Motion Technology use material awareness algorithms to automatically alter feeds, speeds and entry paths whenever there is a possibility of over-engaging a tool and causing chatter, undue stresses on the part or tool breakage. Because these toolpaths are so reliable, Mark is fully confident that he can run his parts at high throughputs on a lights out basis, and that his work will be waiting for him in the morning.

Stewart Haas Racing (Kannapolis, NC): The Stewart Haas manufacturing center in supports three NASCAR teams, each with 15 cars. There are three engineering groups designing parts for these cars. To cope with an unrelenting stream of work that more conventional manufacturers would find maddening, Stewart Haas Racing has become a proactive adopter of toolpaths incorporating Dynamic Motion Technology. Stewart Haas racing uses just about all the dynamic toolpaths Mastercam has developed to date to make parts at high cycles, to avoid undue lateral stresses on tools and parts (especially thin walls) and to assure reliability of its manufacturing operations, particularly when equipment is unattended.

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