Dynamic Motion Technology – What Users Are Reporting

LH Carbide (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
is a world-class manufacturer of progressive dies for making electric motor rotor and stator cores. This company is keeping pace with rapidly growing orders by using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion Technology to get more done with fewer people and at higher levels of quality. Tom Neuenschwander, Vice President – Technology & IP, for L.H. Industries Corporation said, “Until the last few years, if we could complete the detail parts for a die in a week or a week and a half, we would be doing well. Recently there have been times when we have produced two or three dies in a single week. Our customers have very tight delivery expectations and we are finding ways to give them what they need.”

ADEX Machining Technologies (Greenville, SC) is succeeding in a very specialized market niche— the 5-axis CNC milling and VTL machining of tough exotic materials such as Titanium and Inconel®, while holding tight tolerances of .0002 inches on complex applications up to 40″ in diameter and 6000 lbs. This is the kind of work that many conventional machine shops shy away from because of its difficulty and because of the high investment needed for equipment, software, and skilled manpower.

In the short time ADEX has been in business, tremendous improvement has been made in machine cycles and tool life by continually adopting the latest generation of Mastercam’s toolpaths with Dynamic Motion Technology. Chief Technologist Jeremy Herron said, “Mastercam’s toolpaths, with small stepovers that use the entire flute length of the cutter, have allowed us to push our tools and toolpaths to reduce machine cycles as much as 50% in many instances.”

By 2012, ADEX had grown from a 12 person shop to 50 people, was named one of INC Magazine’s “Fastest Growing Companies” for two consecutive years, and was featured on a CNN program segment—”The New Face of the Blue Collar Worker”.

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