Dynamic Motion Technology-Part 6

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#6: Use Smaller Cutting Tools
Because Dynamic Motion technology monitors and manages lateral forces on the cutting tools, there is no danger of deflecting or damaging them even when much smaller tools are employed. High material removal rates can still be obtained by running at higher spindle speeds. This has several advantages in terms of cutting tool cost reduction and reduction of finishing requirements.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting

Micron Products (Fitchburg MA): Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology gives us the fullest possible engagement of the flute length while adjusting feeds, speeds and stepovers on the fly to keep forces on the tool consistent no matter where it is cutting on the part. As a result, tools that would burn out after three parts with conventional machining have sometimes lasted for six or as many as 15 parts. With Mastercam X7, programs can be created in a fraction of the time required by conventional programming and our machines are about 25% more efficient without sacrificing quality. (Dan Doiron, Lead Programmer)

Dam Doiron of Micron Products say that his first choice of toolpaths are those using Dynamic Motion technology. He explains why on this YouTube Video

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