Dynamic Motion Technology – Part 9

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#9: Run Lights Out With Greater Confidence

Because of the powerful and comprehensive material-aware algorithms employed, and the extensive testing conducted prior to release, toolpaths using Dynamic Motion technology are among the safest that Mastercam has ever offered. Once you have gained a little experience with Dynamic Motion technology toolpaths, you can proceed with great confidence that it can be run safely unattended. Expanding the percentage of work that can be done unattended, particularly on a lights-out basis, can reduce the pace of capital equipment acquisition and make a significant contribution to labor cost reduction.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting
Tymar Toolworks (Crothersville, Indiana): Although the Hurco machine at Tymar Toolworks is in almost continuous operation, neither the owner Mark Emly nor his assistant spend much time operating it. This is because Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology relies on material-aware algorithms to automatically alter feeds, speeds, and entry paths whenever there is a possibility of over-engaging a tool and causing chatter, undue stresses on the part, or tool breakage. Because these toolpaths are so reliable, Mark is fully confident that he can run his parts at high throughputs on a lights-out basis, and that his work will be waiting for him in the morning.

Because of the exceptional reliability of the toolpaths created with Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology, Tymar Toolworks owner Mark Emly can load up the four vises on his Hurco Machining Center before he leaves for home at night and be confident that the work will be completed in the morning.

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