Dynamic Motion Technology – Part 8

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#8: Use a Lower HP Machine

Because Dynamic Motion technology uses finesse instead of force, CNC machines with lower horsepower can sometimes be used because high torque is not essential when material is to be removed at less than 50% stepovers and deeper stepdowns. This will reduce costs by allowing for better utilization of existing equipment.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting
GQ Machine (Norwood, MA): “Whenever possible, create toolpaths using Mastercam’s material-aware Dynamic Motion technology. This technology automatically adjust feeds, speeds, and entries to provide consistent chip loads so machines can run at optimal material removal rates without having to back off for fear of burying the tool. Using this technology, tool wear and breakage is down, and material removal productivity has increased by 25-50%. It allows full flute engagement of the tool for longer tool life and more uniform wear. With this technology, it now takes only 15 minutes to write programs that used to take 45 to 60 minutes just a few years ago.” Paddy Gavin, Owner

What differentiates Paddy Gavin’s GQ Machine from many shops of similar size is the company’s commitment to turning jobs around within four to five days on average and, in certain cases, overnight. This standard turn-around can be weeks faster than lead times quoted by other shops. The shop uses Dynamic Technology to telescope programming time, reduce machine cycles and improve tool life.

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