Dynamic Motion Technology – Part 7

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#7: Reduce Finishing Operations

Since Dynamic Motion technology supports high removal rates using smaller cutting tools, more areas of the part can be accessed with a single cutting tool. This means that roughing and rest roughing can be accomplished in a single operation, bringing the workpiece closer to its target condition before finishing operations are required. In some instances, no finishing will be required for parts that are not visible components of an assembly. In other instances, finishing requirements may be reduced.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting
Absolute Machine Company (Bloomfield, CT): “One of the first questions my customers ask is, ‘What CAM software are you using?’ When I say Mastercam, they say ‘Oh great!’ and that is the end of the discussion because it is the same CAM software they are using. They can send me any kind of CAD file and I can start writing a program right away. That’s a big advantage. With Dynamic Motion technology I am getting 25% or better material removal and 2-3 times longer tool life. Toolpaths with Dynamic Motion Technology are ridiculously fast to write. With my old software, you had to tell it everything you wanted it to do. With Mastercam, it already knows what it wants to do and does it better.” (Alan Granatowski Co-Owner)

Absolute Machine Company, a small aerospace machine shop in Connecticut is taking advantage of Mastercam to integrate new equipment and double manufacturing productivity while postponing the need to hire additional manpower.

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