Dynamic Motion Technology – Part 5

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#5: Reduce Carbide Tool Purchasing Costs

Some CNC users can’t get past the fact that advanced cutting tools can cost up to 50% more than the conventional tools they are using. However, when they last three to five times longer, the higher purchase price is negated quickly. This is simple arithmetic.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting
Accede Mold & Tool (Rochester, NY): “We had a lot of failures with a cinder material while using insert cutters. We were just beating up the inserts faster than we could change them. We were losing the insert edge, hitting the tool body, and then destroying the insert cutter itself. We wrote a Dynamic Motion path to do a test cut to see how it would perform and how the tool would hold up. There was no heat put into the part. There was no heat put into the tool. It was surprisingly better than we thought it was going to be.” (Robert Fackelman, CNC Programmer)

At Accede Mold & Tool, mold components move into the final stages of production quickly because they can be roughed out 50% faster using Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.

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