Dynamic Motion Technology – Part 4

Dynamic Motion Technology Paybacks
#4: Make Accurate Cutting Tool Comparisons

Cutting tool manufacturers know they have a good thing going and they want to sell you their latest cutting tool design so you can be more productive while reducing your cutting tool overhead at the same time.

But which is the best new cutting tool for the types of work your CNC equipment does routinely? It’s hard to say, unless you make actual comparisons and this requires writing programs that fulfill the cutting tool manufacturers’ recommendations.

This is not a problem for Mastercam users familiar with creating roughing programs incorporating Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology.

What Dynamic Users Are Reporting
Douglas Fluid and Integration Technology, LLC (Prosperity, NC): Established in 2005, Douglas Fluid relies on process and materials expertise developed in the semiconductor sector to deliver bench-ready devices that help energy market researchers bring their concepts to the testing stage faster. Chief Technologist Richard Douglas said, ” Mastercam gives me exceptional control over the toolpaths I need to manufacture the components used in my designs, and I don’t have to be a CNC coder to use them. Dynamic milling lets me aggressively rough out parts without having to worry about breaking tools.

At Douglas Fluid Integration and Technology, Mastercam with Dynamic Motion technology gives Chief Technologist Richard Douglas the precise toolpath control he needs to make scientific components from ultra-hard materials without having to worry about breaking tools.

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