Dynamic Motion Technology Evolution

A great deal has happened since the first dynamic toolpath for pocketing was introduced in 2009. Mastercam currently offers 11 toolpaths that rely extensively on dynamic motion.

Five 2D Dynamic Toolpaths

  • Dynamic Mill
  • Dynamic Rough
  • Dynamic Rest
  • Dynamic Core
  • Dynamic Contour

4, 3D Dynamic Toolpaths

  • OptiRough
  • OptiCore and
  • OptiArea and
  • OptiRest

1 Dynamic Toolpath for Turning

  • Dynamic Lathe Rough

2 Existing Toolpaths

  • Blend– partially rewritten to use dynamic motions where they produce better results
  • Peel mill– totally rewritten with dynamic motions

COMING SOON: Look to the latest version to give Mastercam users even more options for increasing material removal rates, reducing costs, shortening lead times, and improving overall manufacturing profitability with Dynamic Motion Technology.

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