Dynamic Motion Technology a Game Changer

Ever since owner Dal Rogers and his son Tom took control of V&M Precision Machining and Grinding (Brea, CA) in 2006, they have been on a mission to improve productivity and drive out costs. One of the greatest contributors to these efforts has been Mastercam’s Dynamic Motion technology. Used in conjunction with advanced coated tools, these material-aware cutting approaches allow for high material removal rates without breaking, stressing or wearing the tool or damaging the part.

“During the past five years, these have been a real game changer for us,” said Dal Rogers. “We are taking 3/4” diameter solid carbide end mills that have been coated and we are running at 5000 rpm and cutting steel at 300 inches a minute. We are only taking 0.001” to 0.050” at a pass and we are operating at mach speeds.

Dynamic Motion technology not only reduces machine cycles, but it also minimizes time required to generate a CNC program. Mastercam programmer Ron Branch said it used to take 40-60 hours to write safe 5-axis programs to efficiently cut hard materials at high cycles. Dynamic Motion algorithms in Mastercam now make it possible to generate comparable cutting programs in just 2-3 hours.

In just seven years V&M has gone from $2 million in sales to $6 million in sales and a very healthy inventory of work in front of it. This 300% sales growth also represents a substantial improvement in profitability, since total equipment acquisitions have been minimal, while improved technology and process has meant all of this productivity could be accomplished with only a modest growth in manpower— from 20 to 33 people, just 65%.

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