Dynamic Duo

Evolving With Their Cutting Tools

Ben and Danny Lang, co-owners of Dynamic Balance Machine (Salt Lake, City), believe that cutting tools are currently at the forefront of manufacturing technology advancement. Ben Lang said, “We have spent days and days on end of having libraries that are preprogrammed and coordinated with the machine. The parameters for each individual tool are based on years of first hand experience. The Mastercam tool libraries allow us to keep all of our experience-based knowledge at our fingertips. That’s where the real secrets are.”

Ben Lang said aluminum parts with complex geometries that he used to machine at 80 ipm with conventional cutting tools and toolpaths are now being machined at 250-400 ipm with Dynamic Motion technology. Titanium and stainless are also being roughed 2–3 times faster and tool wear is down. He said, “About 90% of the parts we make have a dynamic component to them. The time we save in roughing reduces our total machine cycles by 20–30%, so our customers get their parts faster.”

He said that since he and his brother started their own shop in 2013,”we have moved 1500 projects through our horizontal machining center— that’s the same amount of work we produced in five years at our previous job using more conventional machining approaches.” The shop is on track for 30% growth in 2015. A second 4-axis CNC was installed in May.

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