Dynamic Best Case Programming

Nearly all of the manufacturing processes Kluba Machine (Washington, MO) programmers develop for its customers rely extensively on Mastercam’s® Dynamic Motion Technology, which automatically adjusts tool movements based on material conditions ahead of the tool. Kluba added, “Before Dynamic, programmers were always looking out for the worst case scenario and adjusting feeds and speeds to make sure you didn’t crash a tool. Dynamic has all these fluid motions. Nothing is direct any more. The programmer has to make fewer decisions because the motions are governed automatically according to the chip load, which is kept constant to give you a best case machining process.”

Dynamic Motion Technology helps the company reduce cutting tool wear, improve cutting precision, and reduce tool costs. It allows programmers to work faster and more accurately and reduces machine cycle times. For example, a part that once took 15 minutes to cut was brought down to six minutes. These changes were made to the template and the cycle time improvements now apply to all the parts in the family.

If Kluba Machine made a part six months ago and subsequent improvements are made to the template while generating another part program from this family, then these improvements will be applied to the older program when it is used again. If a great many customizations have been made to a template, the program may become quite large and generate a very busy looking simulation. However, more than once the programmers have noticed that a new or enhanced Dynamic process has been introduced that runs even smoother and makes all extraneous code disappear. Kluba believes these improvements stem from Mastercam’s efforts to continually refine its software based on customer requests and CNC Software’s innovative approach to R&D.

Kluba Machine is in the habit of casting a wide net for new ideas that could improve its manufacturing business. Jeff Kleinheider, Applications Engineer for QTE Manufacturing Solutions (the shop’s Mastercam Reseller) says, “We are frequently asked for suggestions on what could be done to improve their processes. I know that ideas also come in from Mastercam, Hartwig, cutting tool vendors, trade magazine articles, and YouTube videos. We come in and discuss anything that we think they might find useful. Then the Kluba team will huddle to see how or if what we recommend has a fit. When it does, operators and programmers work together to further refine their templates. This approach makes it possible for Kluba Machine to rapid fire through so many new and small run jobs, and gets them outstanding machine utilization.”