Drill What You Want When You Want with ProDrill

ProDrill V4 SP1 by Moldplus is the first release for Mastercam X6. The ProDrill Service pack improves on the main ProDrill V4 release, which in itself was a radical improvement to feature based drilling.

ProDrill V4 allows you to “easily drill what you want, when you want, and how you want” from either Surface or Solid models. You now have the option of complete one-click automation or full manual control for machining drill forms in the manner that the client desires. From 2D blocks to complex 5-axis parts, ProDrill intuitively guides you through identifying the drill forms, applying the drilling tasks and then managing them in an intelligent and user-controlled manner.

ProDrill listened closely to the demands of their clients and responded to the repeated requests of their users. Long-time users have been pleasantly surprised with the changes and flexibility offered in this release. You can learn more about ProDrill by visiting http://www.moldplus.com/prodrill.htm.

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