Dream Machine Launched to Mars

Andrew Tool and Machine, a Mastercam customer, helped to build the Mars Rover. The company credits Mastercam for making the transition from titanium to VascoMax an easier process than it would’ve been without the software. Specifically, the project resulted in Andrew creating all of the actuator components, first in titanium and then in VascoMax, only on a much tighter, more demanding timeline. Very deep pockets (almost a 20:1 ratio) and small radii were the hallmarks, along with extremely tight tolerances, many of which were tied to multiple gear pitch diameters.

Being able to successfully partner with Forest City Gear in Illinois was absolutely critical to the project’s success. Positional tolerances of 0.0002″ diameter, geometric control of 0.00008″, and size control within +/-0.0001″, even on relatively large (5.00″ range) dimensions, created plenty of challenge. Additional issues related to deep pockets with small tools in nasty material added to the challenges.

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