Don’t Lose Your Investment in Mastercam

You may not have realized that your Mastercam Version 9 was released nearly a decade ago. Computers have vastly evolved during this time, and today’s CAD/CAM technology has taken advantage of those improvements. By not keeping your Mastercam system current, you are missing out on all the advances — not the least of which are dramatically increased processing speed, ease of use, shorter cycle times, and machining flexibility. Mastercam X took a huge technological leap forward and Mastercam X5 continues to build on that powerful platform.

If you are a customer running Mastercam Version 9, now is the time to update your software. With the release of Mastercam X5, Mastercam Version 9 will no longer be supported, and you will not be able to update without buying at full price. By updating now you avoid having to repurchase the software. Act now and you can save up to an incredible 70% off. If you don’t act soon, you will lose your valuable investment in Mastercam!

And it’s easier than you think to transition to the new version. We are providing many tools to aid our Version 9 customers in their transition to the X platform such as the Version 9 – X5 Transition video. For more details on the promotion, please visit or contact your local Mastercam Reseller.

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