Deconstruct the Latest Mastercam Release

There are quite a few Mastercam users who can hardly wait to get the next release of software to see what’s in it for them. Some are so eager, if fact, that they become beta users in order to be ahead of the curve when new features prove to be stable. There are many other ways to determine how the next release can help you achieve your most important lean manufacturing objectives.

  • Attend a Mastercam new release seminar given by your reseller at their location or your shop to learn about new CAM features.
  • Appoint a programming team member to deconstruct the latest version to see what would be most useful. Or make it a team initiative. Choose one or two features and implement them on selected projects.

Once the new strategies have been applied successfully on the test cases, roll them out for more general use. Invest some of the time savings generated in this manner to implement additional timesaving strategies.

“We use Mastercam to program 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining centers to grind sophisticated custom lenses using diamond-cutting tools. Mastercam’s continuous development of features that support our requirements for precision and productivity have allowed us to support growth with only minimal increases in manpower to operate and program our increasingly advanced CNC equipment. Working through our local reseller, Mastercam meets our everyday needs for support and provides us with upgrades that address critical issues.” Al Gould, Director of Research and Development, Optimax, Ontario, NY

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