Cutting Tools for CAM, Part 7

Once you have established manufacturing efficiency goals for the most critical areas in your shop, you can choose a machine or a cell where achieving the desired result would yield the greatest benefit. Then go after it. Enlist the vendors who have become your most trusted advisors to analyze the process and recommend what can be done to achieve the goal.

If you haven’t optimized your drilling operations yet, that is a very good place to start because of the fast immediate payback, with little risk involved. Steel cutting operations may be another area where existing processes can be fine-tuned to yield substantially higher productivity yields while lowering tooling costs.

With a little success under your belt, you might want to enlist your team of advisors with recommendations for improving superalloy cutting performance and tool wear reduction. Or you might want to start developing some ultra-reliable processes that will allow your most value-added equipment (typically multi-axis) to run lights-out.

Let one success build on another and become an expert at fine-tuning your manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and cut costs. Now is the right time to get proficient, because the vendors that support the manufacturing industry with equipment, tools, workholding systems, and software are delivering more and better solutions that will need to be incorporated into your existing processes to help you stay competitive.

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