Custom Interfaces Make Mastercam Wire a Snap

Those of you who still think of Mastercam is mostly for milling should take a second look at the powerful new features in Mastercam Wire. One of the most exciting developments in recent Mastercam versions has been the development of several custom interfaces. These leverage the flexibility and power of Mastercam’s machine definition and post processor architecture to display interfaces that mimic the Wire machine tools that you’re used to working with.

The first such interface was the Agievision interface that was introduced in Mastercam X4. This replaces the Agievision C-Hook that was used in earlier versions of Mastercam. To enable it, just select the Agievision AWF machine definition:

Now when you create a wirepath, the settings pages will look like the Agievision control screens instead of the normal Mastercam wirepath dialog boxes:

The Agievision interface includes a powerful customized post processer that creates the SBL, ISO and SBR files with a single click. All of these features are automatically loaded and enabled when you select the Agievision AWF machine definition.

Mastercam X5 builds on the success of the Agievision interface by including a new set of custom Technology Database interfaces for Makino and Mitsubishi machines. Just like the Agievision, enable the desired machine interface by selecting the proper machine definition. These will the machine definitions with the word TECH in their names:

Selecting the Power page lets you select and load settings from a technology database and, if necessary, edit them.

Like the Agievision, each Technology Database interface includes as a standard feature a post processor that is custom-written to support the new settings.

These new interfaces make it dramatically easier for new users to become productive with Mastercam Wire and extend the power of Mastercam to wire EDM machines. Perhaps the best feature of these new interfaces? They’re included FREE as standard features of Mastercam Wire. So what are you waiting for?

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