Creating a New View Using Dynamic Planes

The Dynamic Planes dialog box in Mastercam X5 now offers you the ability to create new views more easily, including naming the view you created using the interactive gnomon, assigning a work offset code, and automatically aligning the Work Coordinate System (WCS) to your new view.

1. From the Mastercam menu, choose File, Open.

2. Go to ..DocumentationExampleParts and select NEW_VIEW.MCX-5.

3. Press [Alt +S] to shade the part surfaces and make it easier to select geometry.

4. On the status bar at the bottom of the screen, click WCS and select View Manager from the menu.

The View Manager dialog box opens.

5. Click Create From to make a new view based on the current Top view.

The Dynamic Plane dialog box displays and the dynamic gnomon appears in the graphics window at the current view origin.

6. The next step is to reposition the view origin. Click once on the ball that represents the gnomon’s origin and then drag it to the left end of the front edge of the part.

TIP: Use the AutoCursor position
indicator to make sure you select the
endpoint of the line.

7. Click on the second leg of the Y axis (the piece between the arrowhead and the letter Y ) and rotate it 90 degrees to point towards the back of the part.

8. Click again to set the Y axis position.

9. In the Dynamic Plane dialog box, type MY VIEW as the name of the new view.

10. Select Set as WCS to change the WCS to the new view.

11. Click OK to return to the View Manager.

12. The icon indicating which view is the current WCS has moved to the new view. Click OK to close the View Manager.

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