Converting parts that have been created with other programs

Q: How do I convert parts that have been created with other programs?
A: Mastercam X makes it easy to convert and use parts that have been created with other CAD/CAM programs or saved in common formats.

When you open a file that has been saved in a supported format, Mastercam automatically runs the proper conversion program and converts the file. Use the standard File, Open command just like you do for a Mastercam part file.

To export Mastercam part files to a different format, choose File, Save As and select the desired format.

Set conversion preferences and save them to your .config file. Choose Settings, Configuration, Converters from the menu. Mastercam uses these settings when it automatically converts files.

You can also override your saved conversion settings whenever you open or save to a supported format. When you select the desired format in the File, Open or File, Save As dialog boxes, you will see an additional Options button. Click it to set conversion options for just that file. (You will not see the button if no conversion options are available for that format.)

Mastercam X includes many converters as a standard feature, and you can purchase additional converters. Click here to see a list of supported formats for both standard and optional converters. See your Mastercam Reseller for purchase information.

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