Congratulations Team Witch Doctor

Mastercam is a proud sponsor of team Witch Doctor! We are thrilled to celebrate the team for an impressive, second-place finish in BattleBots season 9.

Message from Team Witch Doctor

Team Witch Doctor entered the BattleBots season finale with an undefeated 7-0 record. In the semi-final round, Witch Doctor faced the only other undefeated robot left in the competition, DeathRoll. After some fantastic driving from Mike Gellatly, Witch Doctor came out of the battle victorious, ready for the final round.

Witch Doctor vs Saw Blaze

How exciting to see Witch Doctor face Bite Force in the championship match! After a battle of big hits back and forth, one of Bite Force’s hits damaged Witch Doctor’s self-rightening system. When the next hit tossed Witch Doctor on its back, the battle was all over.

Bite Force

Team Witch Doctor did not bring home the Giant Nut this year, but what an impressive second place finish! Thank you to Andrea and everyone on the team for a valiant effort and a season full of excitement.

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