Coming Soon! Create Mastercam Toolpaths inside SOLIDWORKS

At last month’s EASTEC show, CNC Software gave show goers a sneak peek of its new “Mastercam in SOLIDWORKS” product.

Mastercam in SOLIDWORKS runs seamlessly inside SOLIDWORKS 2008. SOLIDWORKS users can now program their parts directly within SOLIDWORKS using Mastercam’s industry-leading toolpaths and machining strategies.

Mastercam in SOLIDWORKS includes a suite of the most sought-after cutting strategies, including high speed machining toolpaths and Feature based machining strategies. Also offered is a powerful set of automated cleanup toolpaths, letting users get parts off the machine faster and with little or no handwork.
Mastercam in SOLIDWORKS will be available after the release of Mastercam X3, which is currently in its beta test cycle.

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