Classic Reflection Coachworks

Another interesting company that we visited during our recent trip to Seattle was Classic Reflection Coachworks. These guys take newer generation Corvettes and completely replace the body with the classic 50s & 60s styling. The end result is a work of art classic-looking antique car with all the modern comforts and safety features of today’s automobiles.

And how does Mastercam fit into this picture? When Classic Reflection Coachworks first started rebuilding these cars they had to make massive tools that looked something like this:

Making the tools out of wood was very time consuming and labor intensive. To complete the latest ’58 design, the company turned to CIMTECH for vital scanning services. They were able to combine precise coordinate data captured from the surface of the actual object with whatever engineering data might already exist, to create a CAD model tailored to the customer’s application.

To reproduce an image, a “point cloud” is needed that precisely spells out its dimensions so that it creates an electronic 3-D image. This is done in a number of ways: through laser interferometry; projected white light grid patterns; physical contact (touch-probe machines that physically measure the item); or an integration of all three processes.

Once the coordinate data was completed it was sent to a company called Technical Tooling, also in the Seattle area, where they use Mastercam and massive 5-axis routers to cut the tools. Now, instead of the solid wood tools, the company has these much lighter and easier-to-work-with forms with which the body parts are made.

It was quite a thrill to see the “donor cars” (as they are called) stripped down and ready for their new old-style bodies.

If you have a newer Corvette and long for the styling of yester-year, you might want to check this company out. You can find more information on their website here:

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