Capturing Images for Setup Sheets

The Setup Sheet Image Capture function is currently unable to capture screen images generated in Verify, Machine Builder, and Machine Simulation. Use this workaround to add images from these environments to your ActiveReports setup sheets.

1. Use [ALT + PRINT SCREEN] to copy the active window to the clipboard.
2. Open a drawing program, such as Paint, and paste the image into a file.
3. Save the file as any one of the following supported file formats to ..shared mcamx5reportscommonIMG:

  • BMP
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • GIF
  • PNG

Note: You may use your preferred screen capture software to complete steps 1–3.

4. In Mastercam’s Toolpath Manager, select one or more operations. Right-click and choose Setup sheet from the menu.

5. Enter general information and select your preferred options in the Setup Sheet dialog box.
6. Click the Add Images icon (camera). The Capture Images ribbon bar displays on top of the graphics window.
7. Click the List images button . . . and the Images dialog box opens.

8. To add the image, press [F1] to open the file browser. Select the image file and click OK.

You image is placed in the setup sheet according to the format of the assigned template.

See Mastercam Help for more information about creating setup sheets with ActiveReports.

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