Can I Run Mastercam Swiss Solutions on My Machine?

Mastercam Swiss Solutions are available for most Swiss machines. Look for your model below:

mastercam swiss machining solution

Your shop may have many different brands or models of Swiss machines. As such, our Swiss machining solution comes equipped to make the switch from machine to machine quick and easy.

For example, a Star SR-20J, Star SR-20R, SR-20R II, and SR-20R III all use the same post. Making the switch from one to another is a simple matter of making a 0 a 1 in the Custom Parameters page. This switch makes the output code unique for each model.

mastercam swiss machining solution

Don’t see your model listed? Reach out to our Swiss Product Specialist Chris Leclerc with your request for a post processor. Please note that we cannot currently accommodate Tornos machines.