By far the best Mastercam training I've ever r…

By far the best Mastercam training I’ve ever received is from Mike Mattera of Tips For Manufacturing. He also does the Mastercam University training. The quality of his training doesn’t compare to my local VAR who I like but he’s not in the same league as Mike Mattera is training wise. Also, for many years now my local VAR has not offered surface toolpath training. I’m sorry but flying from San Diego, CA to Connecticut for training isn’t in the cards for me and this applies to many other machinists as well.

The reason I asked for video done by either you or Mike Mattera is that I trust it won’t be falsely sped up.

The video from the link I posted isn’t falsely sped up. NC Simul is really that fast! Mastercam badly needs something like NC Simul built in for tombstone machining because as it stands now Mastercam doesn’t have any kind of practical solution for quickly and easily doing solid cut part verification for many different kinds parts on a tombstone. ModuleWorks Simulation has got a long, long way to go for this this type of work compared to NC Simul.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

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