Beyond CAM—Machine Performance Monitoring and Optimization

(Part 8 of 9)There are many ways Mastercam and our partners are harnessing integrated data technology to improve manufacturing performance and profitability. Here we take a look at machine performance monitoring and optimization.

The inspection process keeps us informed about the quality of parts and lets us know if dimensions are beginning to drift so that corrective actions can be taken before scrap is generated. Measuring parts, however, does not give us any indication of whether we are realizing the machining effective levels that were targeted when we developed our CNC manufacturing program. Capturing real-time data from our CNC machines can only do this.

For example, Excellerant – TrueCut software provides a set of tools for collecting real time data from any CNC machine controller. After capturing actual speeds, feeds, and spindle load, TrueCut can compare this data to the original CNC part program. Mastercam programmers can then use this actual data to modify programs to improve machine specific performance factors, reducing cutting time, and extending tool life.

With this approach, maximum machining efficiency objectives, envisioned in the original program, are realized to the greatest extent possible, no matter which machine processes the part.

Stay tuned for the ninth and final installment of this series, where we will wrap it all up in Beyond CAM—Working Together so Everything Works Together.

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