Beyond CAM—Job Shop ERP

(Part 2 of 9)
There are many ways Mastercam and our partners are harnessing integrated data technology to improve manufacturing performance and profitability. Here we take a look at job shop enterprise resource planning (ERP).

During the quotation phase, shop management ERP software (such as ProShop from Adion Systems) is used to identify all of the sub-processes, allocate time and materials to them, and calculate a quote based on cost factors set by the user. Once the quote is accepted, it becomes a new work order, pulling the data from the quotation including timelines and deadlines that keep every phase of the project coordinated.

The software provides a window into the project throughout its entire history. Many dashboards are available for monitoring and managing production effectiveness. These include:

  • Detailed work instructions with photos and videos.
  • Comparison of G-code to tool list to avoid potential crashes.
  • Process development by-passing “tribal knowledge” from the shop floor to promote continuous improvement.
  • Monitoring of in-process inspection with trend graphing, NCR, part count, and event-driven alerts with detailed time tracking and job progress.
  • Digital sign-offs for operations and quantities and tools for monitoring design/revision history changes.
  • Final steps such as generating packing slips and invoicing.

Final steps such as generating packing slips and invoicing.

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