Beyond CAM—CAD for Manufacturing

(Part 4 of 9)
There are many ways Mastercam and our partners are harnessing integrated data technology to improve manufacturing performance and profitability. Here we take a look at CAD for manufacturing.

Once the model is completed, programmer/machinists can work seamlessly within products, like Mastercam Design or Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS®, to create a superior workholding solution as well as prepare the model for efficient CNC programming. CAD for CAM capabilities:

  • Allow for the creation of even the most complex part.
  • Combine integrated solids, surfacing, and wireframe modeling.
  • Allow probe and scan data to be used as model input.
  • Use critical features along with standardized flanges.
  • Provide a flexible modeling tool to readily accommodate design variations.

Integrated CAD tools can also play a critical role in reverse engineering a manufacturable part. Dimensional data may be accessed directly from the measurement software and used to build the planes and center points needed to place flanges and other standard features. Leveraging the integrated CAD and taking advantage of both a hybrid and direct modeling approach save considerable time and effort.

In the fifth installment of this nine-part series, we will examine the topic of CNC programming for machining effectiveness.

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